Parc yr Ocar woodland

The woodland has a naturalness and solitude that is very special, and part of our challenge is to retain these qualities whilst repairing and upgrading the footpaths, walls and fences. We are fortunate to have much conservation expertise, as well as sensitive local residents, amongst our members, to meet this challenge.  Ideally woods and conservation areas should have management plans. These are usually documents which list the objectives for management and a plan of operations to ensure that the objectives are met. For woods owned by a group a plan is especially useful as it can be used to generate consensus on what can and can’t be done in the woods. A plan is also useful to cost up things that we all agree need to be done and will help in funding applications as well as planning voluntary activites.

In January 2009 CM was formally invited to join the Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) Pathfinder Project.  This is an innovative project intended to explore the mechanisms, funding and outcome of closer cooperation between the FCW and local communities.  What it means to be a Pathfinder is explained in greater detail in the Annual Report for 2009 (Documents).

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